The values of the FTH inspire a corporative behavior of each member across our institution which allow us to know how to achieve our sustainable objectives. The values leading the pathway and basis of the FTH and our research and medical staff are ethics, transparency, excellence in all functions and the dissemination of knowledge across different regions worldwide. Additionally, the values are based on the following seven (7) principles:


Our work is always carried out strictly aligned to current legal regulations, the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guide, wrote by the International Council on Harmonization (ICH) and adopted by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Agencia Española del Medicamento y Productos Sanitarios, AEMPS), and the ethical principles agreed upon  The Declaration of Helsinki, established by the World Medical Association (WMA) to ensure the protection of the human beings, the well-being of the trials and the future patients who will be the end users of the medicine's development we investigate and work on.


We have a firm commitment towards our communities, and we empathize with everyone to feel that our efforts have social projection.

Individual professional development

Although we practice teamwork to achieve our goals, we have deep respect for each individual, always trying to support each team member in the development of his/her professional career.


We are committed to carrying out our work in the best possible way, with the permanent search for excellence and continuous improvement in our services.

Communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge

Through online channels, printed publications, seminars, workshops, webinars, conferences, and other key events.


Always adapting our planning to the needs of our clients and stakeholders. Tailored to suit a specific project and/or clinical assessment. Therefore, our methodology must be adapted to the environment - scope, complexity, relevance, capacity, and risk.

Learning from experience and previous projects

Any lesson learned during the project and/or development of our services must be documented - in a lesson register. Each project is unique, which creates an 'element of risk' in the plan’s logframe. In this context, we can affirm that each project has some unknowns, which must be analyzed.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe to develop our services with professionalism is essential to improve the lives of human beings. However, we should keep in mind creating a healthier and happier scenario, in which we can prevent certain diseases, epidemics and pandemics. Our conviction in CR focuses on adopting a holistic approach oriented to achieve a positive impact through social outreach –including diversity and inclusion-; reverting part of our benefits in R&D research and Health sustainable cooperation and development projects. A unique channel to promote the improvement of the new post-COVID-19 reality.

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We always try to establish communication and collaboration networks, both between the FTH and the IFTH team members as well as with our clients, increasing the collective talent.

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In the recruitment and promotion of personnel, we value excellence and personal effort without making any discrimination based on gender, race, or beliefs of any kind. At the same time, we emphasize the leadership of those professionals who demonstrate their interest to acquire quality training of positions of responsibility.