Our Mission in the Programme

The fundamental mission of the Teófilo Hernando Foundation (FTH) within the TH Observatory Programme is to contribute to the improvement of the health and lives of patients and the vulnerable population, mitigating the suffering related to each disease.

To achieve our goal, we collaborate with the global pharmaceutical industry in the discovery of safe and effective drugs with the highest quality standard. Therefore, we have the approach to optimize the resources we obtain from our sponsors and clients to finance local and international research activities and projects, the training of young professionals through research grants and the coordination of sustainable activities for the development of scientific capacities: thematic workshops, webinars, conferences, multidisciplinary capacity building activities and other events. In addition, aware of the importance of continuous learning and the training of future Health professionals, we focus our efforts and experience on facilitating strategic and rigorous training to strengthen the profile of professionals in the health and pharmaceutical sector.

We provide our clients and partners with solid knowledge to facilitate their path from hypothesis to conclusions based on safe results, pharmacokinetics and efficient characterization of the process from 'candidates' to operational drugs on the market.