The Teófilo Hernando (TH) Observatory Programme was launched on 2020 with a specific objective to vertebrate a programmatic platform to design, implement, and develop a diversity of projects in the scenario of innovative clinical research activities -including CRO services and digital inclusion within the health framework-, and unique training and capacity building actions to be developed in Europe and other regions.

As a non-profit organization, the FTH emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibility values which promote the financing of feasible research projects to train young remarkable professionals in the R&D globally to foster new medicine discovery while promoting investment in independent clinical research, with the aim of contributing to greater health and quality of life in society, in general, and the most vulnerable populations in particular.

TH Observatory Project supports your organization to drive real impact in health issues most relevant to your corporation by helping shape global challenge. Enabling your business, NGO, institution to achieve cutting-edge innovation.

Currently, a key priority in our agenda is to prepare communities to identify Health lessons learned, detect new ways to approach and respond to emerging pandemic, epidemics and other health security threats.